Maximise Online Distribution - Reduce Overbooking Risk - Automatic Updates

All channels updated in one click

When a guest makes a booking on your website, airHMS sends updated availability to all linked channels straight away*

This is how our channel management systems works in simple terms:
For example you have a small hotel with 12 rooms, this number of rooms gets exported to all subscribed booking channels and your website. Your website and all channels can now sell 12 rooms. If you get a booking on your website, the system automatically reduces the inventory to 11 rooms and this information is instantly sent to the booking channels

It also works the the other way around, therefore reducing the risk of overbooking greatly and enhance rate yield management.

*Two-way XML connections with, Expedia, Agoda, Hostelworld and many more leading OTAs export prices and inventory and import bookings instantly

The Ical sync updates all calendars that support the widely used Ical format, including Google calendar, outlook and several other rental portals

One system to manage all channels (Currently 60+) from one account

Custom & Flexible

The channel manager is cloud-based and gives you access your account from any device with an internet connection. If allows you to set rates for channels and sell rooms in different configurations

Only pay for what you really need

Why pay for hundreds of channels if you only use a few? With airHMS you only pay for what you use

No set-up fees and no hidden costs (OTA or connected booking might levy fees)

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find the most regular questions related to our Channel Manager we receive from our hotels and business members explained in more details. If there are further questions and/or certain details are not clear, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more then happy to explain further.

I have multiple properties. How do I set this up?

The system can handle multiple properties in one account. How you set this up depends on the channel, we will assist with that setup.

Tell me about the Channel Manager?

The (optional) channel manager is a paid service and cloud-based. It allows you to set rates for channels and sell rooms in different configurations. it is more efficient, sends updates in real time, one-click and more. When a guest makes a booking on your website, we send updated availability to subscribed channels immediately.

View connected distribution channels (OTAs).

Will I receive notifications on new bookings?

After you activate the channel manager the channel will stop sending notifications. You will receive them from airHMS instead.

Do guests receive a confirmation?

The channel will confirm the booking with the guest direct, airHMS will not sent a confirmation message. However if you wish to send an automatic personalised message as well the systems can be set up

How do I modify or cancel a booking?

Bookings coming from a channel should be modified by the channel. Cancelling a booking in airHMS will not cancel the booking in the channel and can cause a double booking.

If for some reason you need to make a change in airHMS and do not want the channel to override it, you can change the settings in your admin panel

How do I add a promotion or special price?

All special or seasonal offers must be managed manually in the channels extranet, airHMS can not send from the channel manager

Can I send different prices for different minimum stays or different numbers of guests?

The capabilities depend on the channel. Please check this with each channel direct

What to do when I receive an overbooking?

Check if you are receiving error messages by email or in the potential issues menu. Error messages need to be addressed immediately because they can mean the channel manger is able to make updates
Entering the same room code in multiple rooms in airHMS can cause overbookings. Check your set up for warnings
If you can not see a problem in your set up send us a support ticket with the booking numbers and dates

Can I send different availability to channels?

You can set up virtual rooms if you want to send custom availability to one or more channels. For example you may not want to sell via a particular channel at certain times of the year

What are contracted rooms or base allocation?

This is an agreement between you and the channel where you agree to provide a number of rooms exclusively to that channel. This means you will not be able to sell these rooms directly or on other channels