Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find the most regular questions we receive from our hotels and business partner explained in more details. If there are further questions and/or certain details are not clear, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more then happy to explain further.

What is airHMS?

airHMS is a Hotel Management System (HMS) designed for independent and smaller-sized hotels and chains. It offers a cloud-based hotel system, booking engines, rate management, channel management and much more. Optional services include an exclusive and detailed hotel information page, facebook call-to-action button and so forth.

Please review the full list of services here & pricing here.

What is included?

  • Complete Front Desk System (HMS) giving you full control on reservations, guest data and reports
  • Customizable Reservation Engines
  • Yield Management: full rate and seasonal discounts control
  • Language capabilities for admin panel & guest facing booking engines
  • Call-for-Action button on your facebook page (Optional)
  • One user login
  • One channel of your choice for 1 room type
  • airHMS charges zero commissions on any booking processed by our system. (Note: excluding channel commission)
  • Exclusive and details hotel information page (Optional). Two tiers:
        Basic: One photograph, one booking engines and more
        Advanced: Six photographs, three visual booking engines, one at the top of the page as "Book Now", channel manager, listed reviews and more
  • Channel Manager (Optional): Tap into a growing list of online distribution channels & OTAs(Optional)
  • Secure payment gayeways (Optional)
  • Global marketing reach through one of the leading industry news portals on the web,

  • View Packages in detail here.

    What are the fees & charges?

    Fees are reasonable and based on either a fixed rate or the number of rooms and room types required to be set up. Hotels with six rooms or less can use the HMS for free, up to 50 rooms fixed free, more than 50 rooms, pay per room. (More info)

    There are no setup fees and If you want to tap into additional - optional - services, there are a number of chargeable add-ons, please contact us for more details. Our booking fees are ZERO, that's right, NO booking fees at all! OTAs generally charge a percentage based on total booking including all extra's. Annual payments will give a more competitve pricing structure.

    I am interested, what's next?

    Great! We can communicate the details by email or set up a call to discuss details and answer any questions you might have. Once all details are clear, we will forward an easy draft agreement for your review and questions. Once signed and all required setup information is gathering your HMS will be ready to go in a week. Contact us

    Tell me about the Channel Manager?

    The (optional) channel manager is a paid service and cloud-based. It gives you access your account from any device with an internet connection and allows you to set rates for channels and sell rooms in different configurations.

    Send updates in real time:
    When a guest makes a booking on your website, we send updated availability to OTAs instantly.

    This is how our channel management works:

    Let's say your're a B&B and you have 8 double rooms. The inventory in the system is set to 8. This inventory gets exported to the booking channels and your website. Both your website and the booking channels can now sell 8 rooms. If you get a booking on your website, the system automatically reduces the inventory to 1 room and this information is instantly sent to the booking channels.

    It also works the the other way around. If you get another booking from a booking channel, this information also gets sent to the system and the inventory is reduced to 7 rooms. If all your rooms are sold you you are fully booked then both your website and the booking channels will show no availability.

    *Two-way XML connections with, Expedia, Agoda, Hostelworld and many more leading OTAs export prices and inventory and import bookings instantly. The Ical sync updates all calendars that support the widely used Ical format, including Google calendar, outlook and several rental sites.

    The most regular questions related to our Channel Manager we receive from our hotels and business members are explained in more details here.

    How will the content be created on my hotel page?

    After the agreement has been signed we will send a list of questions and image guidelines. Once received complete, the page will be live on our site within 7 to 10 working days (often faster).

    Tell me about the hotel listings

    Hotel partners of airHMS have the opportunity to be listed in or Which one of these two site will depends of the hotel type. We can explain more detail by email.

    Can reviews be added to my hotel listing page?

    Yes, reviews increases your booking pace tremediously and can be added to the "Advanced" hotel information page option. Please contact us for more information on this options.

    HMS internal account access levels

    The "Role determines the access rights" to your account internally:

    • Admin: all rights
    • No Credit Card: all rights but no access to credit cards.
    • Read Only: All parts of the control panel can be seen but not changed.
    • Back Office: All parts of the control panel can be seen and edited except for "SETTINGS".
    • Front Desk: Has read and write rights for "bookings" and "guests". No access to SETTINGS and reports with revenue information. Read only access to all other areas.
    • Cleaner: Read only access to bookings in the CALENDAR. Access to standard reports "Cleaning", "Daily Activity" and "Daily Unit Activity".
    • Cleaner Manager: Read only access to bookings in the CALENDAR. Can open the booking and see details. Access to standard reports "Arrival", "Departure", "Current Guests", "Cleaning", "Daily Activity" and "Daily Unit Activity".

    NOTE: Accounts with the roles "Admin", "Read Only", "Back Office" and "Front Desk" will be able to access credit card details. We can prohibit credit card access for these account is you wish.

    Partners recommending new partners.

    We very much welcome current partners to recommend other potential hotel owners. Give us the lead and we will do the rest.

    When a potential members is turned into an actual member, we will extend your membership by an extra month for free as a token of our appreciation. Please contact us for more details.

    Who is behind airHMS?

    airHMS is a wholly-owned division of Hong Kong based Lifestyle Concepts Group Ltd. An international, no-nonsense hospitality & restaurant consulting agency offering complete solutions for the industry.

    Although the platform is privately owned, we are open to discuss investment opportunities with like-minded partners.

    Do you have a phone number I can call for help?

    Nope - but please don’t misunderstand this as any lack of interest! We’d love to answer your questions.

    We know the decision to omit phone support is unusual, but after experimenting with different approaches, we’ve found that starting with and email enables us to provide the fastest response. We focus on providing fast and high quality responses by email, so you’re always talking to a human that can help first-hand.