Seamless placement onto any web site

The widget designer lets you make your own booking engine and customise the look, content and every other aspect of your online booking engine.

All widgets are available in over 30 languages and can be seamlessly integrated into any web site including Wordpress, the system provides the codes & HTML.

The widgets link to your booking pages which displays your prices and availability in real time and booking flow straight into your airHMS calendar and updates the room inventory accordingly.

Availability Calendar Widget
Show your guest the dates you can accommodate them. You can choose to display one or multiple month. A click on an available date opens your secure Unplugged Collection members booking page already populated with that date as the arrival date.

Booking Box or Booking Strip
Guests can enter their booking requirements into the widget. A click connects to your secure airHMS where they can process the booking.

Add a booking button to your web site
Alternatively you can use a text link or your own image to link

One or multiple properties
Show your custom search criteria to allow guest to search across multiple properties.

Embedded Iframe
An Embedded Iframe shows your availability and allows your guests a fast and easy booking experience without leaving your web site.

Developer Options
The API allows developers and web designers to use airHMS core to build custom solutions for individual or multiple lodgings. If you use Wordpress you can use our free Wordpress plugin to easily integrate a powerful booking engine into any Wordpress site.